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[make a panther purr is a monthly series, where I spotlight, something that I’m digging and makes the panther in me purrr]

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a health junkie.  I looooove good food, but more good for you food.  I’ll get up on my pulpit and preach about the different foods that are good for you and what you should try.  Cleanses, raw food, vegan, vegetarian, organics, I’m into all of it.

I’ve been dancing with the raw food vegan lifestyle for 3 years this month! Wooohooo, happy anniversary to me!  And as I get deeper into loving it, I look around at my community and I see heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity and it’s as a result from what we’re eating — how we’re cooking it, the quality of it, etc;  I really could go on.

Anyhow, a friend of mine put me onto this documentary in the making and yes, it made this panther purrrrrr…