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What you know about this dancing diva? (Are you dancing with me?)

Honey Jam.

February 3rd, some phenomenal ladies will be taking the stage to pay homage to an iconic Black female artist that has been a major influence on them and a taste of who they are, in Honey Jam’s Then & Now show happening at Harbourfront.  I’m excited to be one of those ladies, along with the solRawkestra, of course.

Some of the other ladies involved are:  Kim Davis, Kellylee Evans, Eternia, Jemeni, Motion, Natasha Waterman and more.

Honey Jam

Now my dilemma is whether I want to sing:  

Big Mama Thornton

Rock Me Baby as sung by Big Mama Thornton


Betty Davis

Anti-Love Song by Betty Davis?


setlists from France. December 2011.